Decorative Porcelain Tiles of February 2014

Ceramiche Refin , a leader in the manufacture of porcelain ceramic tiles, presents his collections, at the most important international events in Europe, the best values ​​of Made in Italy. export from Maison & Object has just ended at the next surface design show in London , arriving in the euro shop in Dusseldorf Ceramiche Refin, already in the first two months of the year to consolidate its reputation as a trendsetter in the international market.

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Research, innovation and quality are Refin elements related to each other with the focus the laboratory, constantly looking for new technical and aesthetic solutions and production, supported by state-of-the-art equipment to perform the task and graphical post-processing.

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To do this, add the maximum attention to the latest trends in design that is DesignTaleStudio particularly creative lab of Refin, devoted to explore the experience of designers, architects, art lovers, experts in marketing and communications, technical and aesthetic alternative solutions from 2005 and to achieve “Excellence collects” in innovation and Italian design.

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