Decorative Solutions for Small Bathrooms

Today, the bathrooms show spaces, that is why the decoration has to develop his role with great effort and imagination. In the bathrooms, the most important are the small details, they are widening environment and provoke the feeling of space in a small bathroom environment. Place decorative elements in the bathroom is easier than it looks and the market offers a variety of decorative solutions for small bathrooms . Without further ado I will state in detail the ideal solutions for small bathrooms, with these solutions able to create comfortable and relaxing environment.


That’s why I recommend that you keep reading this post and pay close attention to what I mentioned, so there is no excuse to create an elegant bathroom. In the photos you see below is a dip in where we put only the essential parts for the equipment: sink, toilet and mirror. The light that fills space is due to the large window and have also cast an elegant combination using intense colors.

The colors we used are for this bath are: ceramic black, white and light blue, multicolored carpet, and an amazing pink toilet. Another highly recommended solution for small bathrooms is that we must use small furniture and are very useful.

For example, you can use a green furniture as you can see in the photo below. This furniture is placed in the wall and serves to store clothing and handwashing. Another thing we do to enlarge a small bathroom is using mirrors. The mirror is one of the stars of the decoration of small bathrooms. Personally I’d recommend you use to place on their oval mirrors bathrooms because they are always safe alternative and art for all styles of bathrooms.
Another of the most important solutions for small bathrooms, is painting. All small bathrooms should be painted in light colors, especially white and its derivatives. Eye. The light and bright colors are infallible allies of small bathrooms as they give a sense of depth.

I would also advise you to put in the small bathroom unused spaces, high vertical shelves or cabinets. You can also put furniture in the door mirror. A large mirror multiplies light and visually expands the space. If in a small bathroom is not enough space to place a tall cabinet, try using a wooden shelves, plastic or glass.


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