Design chairs online with 30% Off

The designer chairs I love, they are superior to me, I see one, and if I like and have room for it, I have to buy. But furniture design often have high, very high prices, so my hopes were dashed.

design chairs online shop

Good thing the internet find real gems at competitive prices, not at bargain prices, because the design and exclusiveness are paid, but at prices well below what we can find in physical stores.

Online store to buy cheap chairs design
As I say, I love to buy designer chairs, but spare me the money and if I can get something at a good price, the better. So a few months ago talking to friends in the industry, I discovered a store designer furniture at good prices, , which occasionally put everything at 30% off with free shipping .

design master chairs

The particularity of this store is that all the designs are exact reproductions of pieces by great designers , so the prices are a fraction of the value of the original part. Yes, to me it did not sound very good play, but they have their license and are approved by the original designers own, with materials of high quality and 5 years warranty .

It made ​​themselves, is shipping factory direct , so you also save you the extra cost of intermediaries, and you can also customize your chair with many options because they work under custom manufacturing them largely by hand.

Design chairs that I like
Yesterday I started looking to buy a new chair, and as I saw so many so beautiful, I thought to write a putting here article and share them with everyone and also can participate by writing in comments, saying what you like more or less, if you have some similar, etc.

DSW chair design Charles E.
Charles E. and talk about the DAR and DAW chairs , but today we will talk about his chair DSW, which combines beautiful design of 1948 with a very comfortable ergonomic design and modern quality materials.

The DSW chair design won the contest of low cost design of the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MOMA) in 1948, thanks to its spectacular design , very advanced for its time, which comes to the present day as fresh as when designed.

The legs are wooden and the base where you feel you can buy in 10 different colors. The original price of DSW chair by Charles E. is 309 €, but at this online store have it for € 149, but promptly put it on sale for € 109 . can go to the store by clicking here .

Chair Chair of Verner P.
Another very recognizable model is the original part of Verner P., awarded in 1967 by its molded shape and fluid as particular. This model is all a classic of modern design , and also can be found in the MOMA in New York.

This chair Verner P. be played in a single mold, fiberglass or plastic quality. The’re available in lots of colors , like black, white, red, green, blue, pastel, etc.. Although the plastic version is only in black and white.

design milk chairs

I personally would recommend fiberglass, not only by the variety of colors, but because the plastic has reinforcements on the basis that break some aesthetics. The price of the original design is 909 €, playback in the glass fiber have € 229 and if you find it on sale for € 169 . can go to the store by clicking here .

Barcelona chair by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
Here’s another great story designs , a true classic, beautiful and very elegant. Love it! It show?

design chairs uk

The famous architect and designer Mies van der Rohe Barcelona chair created for the Universal Exposition of Barcelona in 1929, and was used by the Kings of Spain to sit during your visit.

It is a chair of elegant design, with presence, with class and distinction, very comfortable. The’re available in 5 different colors and two qualities, classic leather and first. The price of the original design is from € 5,585, but you can buy 739 € in classic leather, or € 519 if they have it on sale . You can go to the store by clicking here .

Tulip armchair by Eero S.
1956 Tulip chair is also a well-known model was the first designer chairs that were created without legs but with a circular base. One idea I really liked, because today is found in many models.

design museum chairs

The tulip chair is made ​​of fiberglass available in black or white, is very comfortable and the cushion you can choose between white, black, orange or gray. For houses contemporary , minimalist and eclectic this model is great, has an air of the 70 lovely, I really like it too.

The original price of this model is € 2,391, but playback can get the € 399, and if it matches that are on sale only worth € 279 . can go to the store by clicking here .

Design chair Xaiver A Pauchard Bistro
Finally, we Bistro Chair Xavier Pauchard A, one of the most famous designs in metal chairs. It was created in 1934, but it seems today, this style of chairs is the one I like. The Clubs use many terraces and Longue for sure you saw her in decorating magazines industrial style.

It is made ​​of iron, is perfect for the dining room or terrace, and has drainage holes in the base to drain water, so it is also prepared to put in the garden. The’re available in 10 different colors , like black, sky blue, red, white, yellow, three shades of gray, green and orange.

design toscano chairs

The price of the original design is 259 € in this shop have € 149 on sale and when you can get it for € 109 , a price that is fine to buy a set for the living room or the terrace. can go to Store by clicking here .

These are the chairs design that I am thinking of buying, I would like 4 but I have to choose one of them lol. The idea is to ask 2 equal, unless you choose the Barcelona chair, which will me some money, and they do not need to mate, she alone has a strong presence. Well, I hope your comments to help me decide!