Design floor imitation wood – cottage charm house in large format

The attraction of the wooden floor is undisputed – its attractive grain and its warm color create a homely atmosphere and bring a romantic touch of past times in your own four walls. Yes, the floor boards certainly visually refined the space and impresses with its natural character. But he has also major drawbacks – planks can warp and dwindle, as a result, by the time formed joints and deformed the natural material. The so-called country-house planks are an alternative to the traditional solid wood flooring – they also create a vintage feel with their authentic-looking wood reproductions, have however higher form stability. Maybe that’s why the design floor prevailed successfully in wood in recent years and enjoys a growing popularity.

Design floor imitation wood floor Solid wood comparison

The traditional plank floor consists of several solid wood planks with length between two and six metres. They are mounted on a pedestal and then sealed with lacquer. Who chooses so must reckon with a sizable effort. But worth the effort–a solid floor is extremely resistant and can be used with proper care for life.

Design floor imitation wood planks dark cherry

The wooden floor in the overview:
Benefits – durable, easy-care, robust, matching flooring for allergy sufferers
Drawbacks – it can over time cracks formed, has no insulation and is therefore rather unsuitable for use in the sleeping area, can not be combined with underfloor heating.Application areas – living room, guest rooms, Hall, reception room, restaurant and other generously sized rooms

The planks have prevailed as a practical alternative. They consist of several layers and therefore have a higher form stability. The new wood floors be installed with a click System and have therefore a much easier installation compared to the solid wood flooring. And still a major difference to the floor – the planks can be easily combined with underfloor heating. In addition, some manufacturers have integrated a sound insulation made of Cork. The floors to master for example therefore suitable for use in the living room, as well as in the bedroom.
The new flooring is also very hygienic – the design wood floor can absorb moisture and return – the climate is regulated in this way. Special coating repels dust and Poland.

Design floor imitation wood modern living room plank flooring

The design floor made of wood in the overview:
-Authentic wood reproduction, easy to clean, stable, durable, with underfloor heating can be combined, sound absorbing wood has advantages.
Cons – a design floor can remove up to four times, is less durable than the solid wood floor / anyway, manufacturers give as master up to 20 years guarantee /.
Application areas – living room, bedroom, kitchen, nursery, hallway, commercial area / shops, Office building /.

The planks are a flooring that is adapted to the needs of the modern household. They blend harmoniously into the contemporary residential image and bring a piece of nature in your own four walls.

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