Design of small cottage 35 sqm, discover how to integrate the House with nature

Small cabin of a bedroom which has a modern structure covered with corrugated metal, inside is connected with the outside to enjoy the natural environment, then see the design of DC-Studio.

Beautiful modern cottage

The cabin has a typical structure gable but with a twist on the roofs towards one side, this gives a harmonious movement to volumes, the lining of corrugated metal applied both on the walls and cover complement the modern exterior design.When screens doors in a corner of the House that they belong to the social area, the interior is literally connected with nature.

Design small cabin

The small House has a concrete platform that elevates it about 0.20 centimeters from the ground level, in most lodges is necessary to have this platform of concrete, stone or even wood to prevent the entry of natural elements such as water inside. Seen from the profile House has a typical form in A (A frame), then we are going to see how it looks with the doors closed sliding partitions:

Both the walls and the ceilings are in natural wood veneer maintaining a harmony by color and textures, the floors are of polished cement of ochre.

For conditioning environments in the winter months the cabin uses wood from the surrounding forest, a material used also for food processing; at this point, it is important to learn about new systems that will prevent pollution as the stoves also used wood as fuel.

Facade small cottage

They are the small hut two areas, on the right side of the plane the social area that includes the room, dining room and a kitchenette (kitchenette linear), on the left hand side we can see the private area with bedroom and a laundry.

Interior Design log cabin

At the level we can see plotted doors screens that go from floor to ceiling and sliding (which has allowed a wide opening of the room to the outside, see red arrows), only interior division also has this system which allows to create a studio apartment in certain circumstances. As possible changes could become the laundry in a second bedroom, and make the area of services outside of the House, as well as the bathroom.

Cabin with wood interior

Interior paneling

modern cottage

Plane small cabin

Small cottage bedroom

View to the forest