Design with ethnic or exotic motifs

Setting up a room and a whole house according to ethnic and exotic patterns , can be a very fun and exciting work. This allows us to bring in elements from foreign cultures and distant places in our house. In this approach, we can be pretty brave and daring different colors, fabrics and patterns to combine with the facility, which is generally bring in a new dimension in the overall project. Unusual artifacts from different cultures can be combined within the framework of a design project or converted to starting points, since there are no set rules, but an infinite number of possible combinations. You can create a style that is not only beautiful, but also unique beyond the tradition.

Ethnic Designs

What is ethnic?
As Ethnos refers to the local and typical for a particular region’s population, and in terms of the interior design is the ethnic issue its use of natural elements for a particular culture, a particular country or people that they or their apartment want to display in their room, are representative. And since the world is a place from which one can draw many ideas, you can combine colors, patterns, materials and artifacts in an order to create a distinctive and remarkable appearance.

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Mediterranean touch, Native American symbols of Tibetan Buddhism … all of these are popular ethnic issues that are mostly from Africa, Mexico and Asia, but you can look for inspiration everywhere they are attracted to or have a special setting.

Ethnic Culture and Art Center

The African theme
When we think of Africa and all cause in our minds what we associate in our ideas with this country: landscapes, sounds, scents, moods, and try to use it as a starting point, what would happen? The color schemes can earthy colors such as green, beige, brown, contain yellow ocher, which they emphasize the color orange and red can they unfold.

Ethnic Design

As for the flooring and the wallpaper to fit the natural materials at the best on the subject. An incredible conclusion can be wall decorations African artifacts, carpets, textiles and fabric mats, animal figures made of stone, clay or wood, ritual masks, brightly painted African bowls and fruit bowls.

Ethnic Interior Design Style

The Mexican theme
What Mexico means to you – perhaps the warm colors of the desert sand tones, beige and khaki together with the colors in the red tonality, rustic colors and their shades. Maybe your associations with the colorful blankets and woolen goods in bright colors, with the terracotta bowls and baskets or furniture with the spruce are connected?

Ethnic Kitchen Design Design

The artifacts can be symbols that are connected to the southwest or influenced by the Spanish colonizers, and they can by the Aztecs, the Mayans come from or from other ancient civilizations. Each of these artifacts contributes to an interesting Mexican appearance and an authentic feel of Mexico.


The theme ” Asia “
There are many themes that are inspired by Asia, but two are among the most popular and most common – Japan and China. The Japanese theme is minimalist and has a calming, relaxing effect. You can opt for a bed, type “futon” (padded folding bed that can be used as a sofa or sleep) and Japanese walls decide to create a Japanese atmosphere.

Ethnic Living Room Design

Exotic motifs design – interesting Asian D├ęcor
The colors are natural, and objects from nature are key starting points in the facility, such as small garden of stone, water fountains, bonsai trees. The Chinese atmosphere, on the other hand, they can achieve with bold, accentuated colors, lanterns, dragons and other mythical creatures, with hand-made products, which are the traditional Chinese activities, colors and landscapes, and with the typical hand-painted for China characters.

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