Design with stone and Garden – House built on a slope

This House design with stone and garden the latter of the Center. This can be seen from every room and also enter. Most entertainment and comfort for the family is guaranteed by easy connection by modern sliding Windows and doors.

design rock garden center open living areas

One feels the nature as a main element in the inner area. Natural materials were used for the design of the Interior such as stone and wood. Out there is still the element of water in the form of a pool. The open plan living area are also modern and elegantly furnished. The small kitchen in white and colour of wood has a red accent wall. Right next door is a small dining area, supplemented by another one in the living room. A really practical floor plan design with stone and garden.

bar design with stone and garden avenue wall window wood

Although the House is not too large rooms, it extends over four floors. This is due to the Hill on which it was built. The result is also an effective design with stone and garden on a slope, which has a romantic aura. The pool area is decorated in turn by small gardens with shrubs and stones. Outdoors there is also a cosy lounge, from which you can enjoy the beautiful landscaping as well.

design rock garden dining table glass top dark parquet

Check out some photos of the beautiful house design with stone and garden. Sure, you’ll find some great inspiration for your own house or however your garden design. The attractive design is with stone and garden of Cinco Patas Al Gato¬†. It is located in El Salvador and was completed this year.

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