Designer coffee table & side table of metal in spring look

attractive design for the living-room table which is implemented by Apiwat Chita Panya. It imports emissions with a delicate design, which stands in contrast to the robust material consists of a designer coffee table. U what namely manufactured steel, where each item is hand-made. The frame of the table for the living room consists of individual spring elements on which an attractive wooden table top rest.

Designer coffee table collection side table set living room table failed

The designer coffee table is only one of the two models from the spring collection. Appropriately, therefore, the designer provides a similarly attractive coffee table. This differs from the coffee table not only in its magnitude. The table top has a round shape this time and consists of wood, as a contrast to the frame, but adapts the frame color. The sculpture-like table is the perfect piece of furniture for any interior.

Designer coffee table piece of furniture modern interior steel raven
The feathered look gives the appearance that the designer coffee table in spite of the heavy metal is ultra light. The result is a delicate look that, whether modern or traditionally styled, just much more romantic every inner area makes. Who appreciates modern art and unique pieces of furniture which will see exactly the right for themselves in this collection. In the following, we have more photos of the unique models for you, as well as by the master himself at work.

Designer coffee table side table stylish table top wood black

Beautifully work the tables, if they are combined with each other and together to decorate a room. However, they are individual, of course, make a wonderful impression and immediately turn into a real eye-catcher. Whether in black or with contrast full wood accent, the artistic models bear witness to precise and high-quality work. You are an investment for eternity.

Designer coffee table sculpture-like romanticism romantic interior design

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designer living room coffee table steel black feather optics

Furniture coffee table idea plumage metal modern designer optics

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