Designer lamps in industrial style doctorates Sustainability

The German design studio Super Grey has recently designer lamps designed in an industrial style, graduate sustainability and environmental awareness. The young team consists of three designers and there is the aim of influencing the lives of the consumer society.

White Floor Lamp Marble Metal Design German designer lamps

The sustainable furniture and designer lamps are designed according to the motto “Love, Buy, Keep”. The lighting and furniture by Super Gray therefore, made ​​from sustainable, recyclable materials. Stainless steel, local species of wood and gold be edited by hand or with machines. The end result is fascinating industrial-chic with a minimalist and retro flavor. Clean lines and shapes define the look-human and have become a hallmark of the trio. An eclectic mix of retro and futuristic designs that are manufactured in Germany, is now on display in the designer showroom Mondo Collection.

black metal hanging lamp Glass mouth-blown industrial Schick

Three designer lamps have thrilled us. The table lamp sensation was made ​​of marble, hand blown glass and copper. The design intrigued by a successful combination of materials and subtle color accents. The lamp is available in three color combinations-gray, black and white. Also called Furore ceiling light. It is a minimalist chandelier with seven different long arms. The details are hand-blown glass. The hangar wall lamp consists of a steel frame / tube with a curved shape / through which the cable of the lamp is pulled through. The cable length can be set – and in this way can be corrected, the amount of the light source.

Gold metal tube lighting designer German producer of environmentally friendly

The color of the cable refreshes the design, while the metal tube of the lamp gives it a rough look. The three lamps are a perfect match for a purist or minimalist decor. The neutral colors allow the stylish design better accentuate. Whether in-house or in the office – these bulbs will draw attention to itself with security. Enjoy the three designs!

Copper metal lamp industrial decorating style modern design  Industrialist living style red cable metal frame wall lamp Living style designer lamps white paint Glass handmade sustainably Metal wall lamp cable design idea modern table lamp black color marble metal industrial chic