Designer mailbox made of wood and steel in contemporary styling

A modern House deserve a modern designer letterbox. The Australian Design Studio Javi design Lee Rodezno has reconsidered the place of letter boxes in the House design and designed this project for the generation of still-conscious homeowners, once was, he was very disappointed by the products, which are already offered on the market.

designer mailbox post front end light wood

The designer could not understand why people put great value on the design of their homes, from the architecture to the interior design and landscaping, and eventually set up a boring, old-fashioned mailbox¬†in front of the House. The product is 100 percent Australian: made from sustainable Accoya wood and Australian bescichtetem steel, so that it can withstand the harsh Australian climate. The designer’s letter box is completely modular, which means that he can stand alone in front of the House or be attached to the facade, a fence or apartment building.

designer mailbox standing black mailbox

The natural wood front party can personalize itself: with custom characters, coloring, as well as a special engraving such as number or company name. The customers would appreciate the other properties and additional functions of the letter box: the stainless steel mail box slot, the protective box structure, the hidden connections, the magnetic door lock or discrete Castle hole.

designer mailbox post small key

designer mailbox post standing white wooden front mailbox

designer mailbox Wall mounted house number wood Front Party

designer mailbox wall wood modern styling

designer wooden front letterbox slot

Mailbox designer Steel Wood standing modular construction

Mailbox designer wall mounted flat number