Designer table of geek chic combines customization and elegance

The original designed gaming and card tables have the authentic touch of all time. The designer series of geek chic includes beautifully crafted pieces that add extra elegance to any room. This increases the aesthetic ambience and fits perfectly in the living room. Created from durable Woods like walnut, maple, cherry, this play table looks like a great dining table. The wooden table top is removable and shows the common, green surface, which is used at many card tables. The selection of hidden drawers attached the table pages and maintaining the effective storage system.

Play game designer table cards

Yet internal Rails system, beveled corners, bronze handles and even integrated dice towers are finding. But the following is the best – you can inflict attachable trays and Cup holders to the prefabricated drawer box, which actually provides a private place. So ultimately it’s a unique item for any designer not only improved appearance, but also a choice – game table. We play cards now or what?

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