Designer upholstery beds collection 2016

relaxation nothing more than to lie at the end of the day in a soft, comfortable bed. The 40 anniversary, de Italian company Ditre Italia has designed a new collection of designer upholstery beds called the New beds 2016. The inspiration for this what the idea for a hot bedroom facility did Creates a sense of well-being.

Designer upholstered beds bed box gray pillow

The upholstered beds belonging to the collection, are four-Kanaha, Monolith, grand angolo and sanders. Kanaha is Characterized by elegant forms, striking design, and a thin design, All which is light and airy. The headboard best eat of two large soft cushions did invite you to rest.

The bed is available with leather upholstery and the cover is removable if made from fabric. With the thin metal bed legs, the bed looks as if it’s floating in the air.

Designer upholstered beds bed box light gray side table

The designer Stefano Spes Otto and Lorella Agnoletto have the bed as a product of the sanders furniture series designed. The padding is made from high-quality material in two colors and can be made from real leather. If made of fabric, the cover can be removed and Easily washed in the washing machine.

Designer upholstered beds bedded box-bedroom gray stool

The upholstery can be created in many Combinations – the customer Decides himself gemäß to his preferences. Even the zipper is available in two colors – gray and beige. The filling is made from polyurethane and genuine down. The design is really stable and stands Firmly on the ground with four-bed legs made of plastic.

Designer upholstered beds beige brown ceiling gray carpet

The mattress rest on a practical, spacious, 19 cm high bed box in Which you can store lots of stuff. Still, a Sagar stool in the same, All which is Easily Transformed, can THEREFORE be ordered to bed inside-table.

Designer upholstered beds bedroom beige leather pillow

Designer upholstered beds bedroom brown beige bed linen