Designer wallpapers, their advantages and disadvantages and examples

A wallpaper is only a small financial and temporal investment, especially when you install the wallpaper itself. For this, she rewards the effort with a wonderful result that would never be achieved with brush and colour. If it is already wallpaper, then it must understandably be something special, because it is without much effort for many more years and is to make every look to the wall joy. Designer wallpapers are therefore suitable because without question lend the living space that certain something … but are not they terribly expensive? And what do you have to consider when buying? These two questions are discussed in this article.

designer wallpaper anthracite-glittering-Glööckler

Designer clothes? Everyone knows. Designer technology? Even this is likely to be a concept for most people. But designer and wallpaper? In fact, this fits very well together, because where, if not in the living room, is there an emphasis on design? First, there are designer wallpapers of well-known names such as Versace, Harald Glööckler, Lars Contzen or Ulf Moritz.

designer wallpaper-gold-pattern-crocodile

Everyone who knows the designer from another perspective, for example from the wardrobe, will find the unmistakable note on the wallpaper. Thus, the style of Harald Glööckler’s wallpapers is exceptionally pompöööös (yes, there are even design elements, which can be fixed directly on the wallpaper like the well-known crown), while the style of Versace rather elegantly elegant.

designer wallpaper-lars-contzen-pattern wallpaper

In any case: If you like the designer, you will also love the wallpaper. Other designers such as Luigi Colani and Ulf Moritz, on the other hand, use a simple and timeless style, but they use high-quality materials and applications (sparkling stones, beads, flock, crush and others), which definitely turn the wallpaper into an eye-catcher. To browse through the variety of great designer wallpapers invite now also many online shops. At we have even found a separate section of various design and market tapes.

designer wallpaper-marburg-Glööckler anthracite geometrically designer wallpaper-ulf-Moritz-birds-colorful-circle pattern designer wallpaper-ulf-Moritz-rose-gold-dots pattern designer wallpaper-ulf-motitz-geometric-circles-muted-colored designer wallpaper-versace-gold-black-pattern designer wallpaper-versace-striking pattern