Desktop Float Wall

A minimal desktop, floating and functional, which is an excellent option for small spaces. His name is Wall Float and is a most adaptable furniture. The desktop sometimes occupies most of the space in the rooms, and is commonly found in the center: the legs, the chair, drawers, it is a more or less cumbersome. With a desk as the Wall Float, however, you can maximize space, working around the wall, displaying the surface when we need it and keep it folded when not in use, which contributes to the tidy appearance of the room. If we want, we can use it as a shelf, or slide out the bottom to work.


The Float Wall can be easily mounted on any wall: a desk or shelf, as decide to use, with integrated drawer. It seems ideal for those who work at home and want to make better use of space. Or for those who want to do their homework in the room and use the same cabinet, in other ways, once finished. The chair is not included in the package, but the appearance of Float Wall offers different combination options.

The secret, I think, is in its minimalist design, which eliminates the use of legs: the Wall Float is installed on the wall, as if floating. Moreover, on the upper surface there is a groove to accommodate computer cables: another success. Few elements generate both visual clutter clutter of cables. These are always hidden and do not interfere with the rest of the decor.

The desktop Float Wall was designed by Dario Antonioni for Orange 22 Design Lab studio, located in southern California, United States. The company is known for its eco-friendly attitude and supporting social causes. His collection Botanist, bringing together an interesting collection of furniture made from recycled materials, allocates 2% of sales to different foundations, chosen by the designers who participated in its creation. Currently, Orange 22 contributes with 18 foundations, and aims to ensure that the beauty in design can make a difference.

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