Difference between the modern interior and classic

we have to decide which style to choose. We can decorate the rooms in modern style, style classic, or use solutions that combine in s is one and the other. For this reason it is worth to keep in mind what are the differences between modern and classic decor.
In modern style using simple shapes, and the number of furniture and home furnishings is limited to a minimum. In the modern interior furniture are used without grooves and handles.


The classic design is characterized first of all by the luxury and elegance. The furniture resemble those of the Baroque and Rococo.
As regards the materials used, in modern interiors are mainly used different types of steel, plastics and felt, while in the classical interior you can find expensive materials and luxury, such as marble or wood.

The classic style is characterized by a large decoration: in the rooms you can find numerous paintings and carpets. In modern interiors, the number of accessories used must be minimized.

As for the colors, in the case of classical interiors prevail beige, red  . The modern interiors are often blacks and whites, so ‘seem unwelcoming. Can we  make  using warm accents of red or brown.



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