Dining room in black and yellow

Good morning friends, in the space now I leave you with this beautiful dining room, decorated in yellow and black.
A great example of minimalist style, which has not always having the classic combination of white and black .. or just black.
Minimalism, it is much more. This time I leave you with this picture of a beautiful dining room elegant and functional.


As you see, the straight lines are present throughout the set .. least some rounded details.As you can see the room is mainly based on two predominant colors. The yellow on one side, gives a touch cheerful sought. Aided by the branches, which give the place a touch of nature.

The other color is black, you can see it in the beautiful chairs .. on the legs of the table or in the pictures extravagant wall.Yellow occupies the entire wall, thus the scene framed. Also the pots, with a touch unrealistic branches to the whole.
The details are very important, the curtain aside and pick your way down .. the wooden floor or table center are some of them.
Under the pictures, but not if it fails to see, there is a white console. Taped to the wall just below the pictures.

And the pictures .. I draw a lot of attention, they are in three dimensions. Seem to have embedded small vases.The table is beautiful, straight lines and trimmed .. very simple and great for many people.

As you can decorate a room look minimalist style with colors like yellow and black. All willing, will be a great decoration.
I hope you enjoy it as much as me and remember you can do many more color combinations!


black and yellow Dining room




Dining room in black and yellow