Dining rooms for small departments

The trend of the new department is to have the small space is often compounded when choosing a place to eat. And we must think how to put our dining room. First we look for a dining table suitable for these spaces small, we remove us much space, there are several options as tables folding , convertible or round tables take up less space.The chairs to complement your dining room should not exceed in size, ideally a 4 dining chairs, but depends on your taste.


These days we visited the home of a friend who our delegation in A Coruña had advised on the reform of his apartment .One of our proposals was the design that was based on the realization of an L-shaped furniture hugging column vents and serves as separation between the living room and kitchen , since one of the key reform was the removal of the septum between them.

The cabinet, made ​​of dark wood, usually works as a bar in the front to the kitchen is organized to service gaps, and to the room in addition to drawers and some holes, has a double table serving table displayed dining with two positions : a shorter, 80 × 75 cm., with tables spread, which comes to two services, and a longer one with the two tables extended and supported on three legs, 80 × 150 cm ., which can eat up to six people.

The decor, and based on the color of the walls, of a small size apartment some aspects must be considered to achieve a visual extension of the proportions, besides taking advantage of every inch of its surface.

 The colors of the walls
It is known that light colors, especially white, spaces expand as we say in Create effects with colors, so opt for pastel shades of any hue is most recommended. Avoid dark colors and warm too strong or bright.

But this does not always satisfy the tastes of each one of us, sometimes we try to give life to the department in warm colors and lively, which brighten the rooms and create a dynamic and youthful. In the case of using these warm colors for the walls can choose clear oranges, yellows, earthy colors, apple green , all shades combined with white or light wood and similar fabrics.

Another option is light colored paint most of the walls of the room, and use a more elevated tone in a small wall that gives a touch of color and contrast.

An issue often considered is the continuity of the colors on the way to different rooms. An apartment painted the same color or similar shades in the different rooms, gives a sense of continuity and uniformity that visually enhances the space having no color boundaries.

Type, shape, colors and furniture layout
Not only just the right choice of colors, furniture is the key to selecting the use of space. Small furniture, especially low furniture to match the tables, generate free walls and space in the visual field of the occupants.

Simple shapes are best, the chairs look as bulky and laborious designs a classic style are less suitable. Avoid burdening stays, choose Zen or minimalist decor can give an excellent idea.

Below is a selection of eight dining rooms for departments small , choose the one that most pleases you: