Dining table with benches you & me – a set of furniture for indoor and outdoor

Compact furniture with more than one use is very popular lately. You save space and unite more than one function in one. You & me collection of RS Barcelona for indoor and outdoor There is a dining table with benches, who is therefore a ping pong table. In the following, we present the beautiful furniture pieces in the collection.

dining table benches garden pergola bbq bench pad hanging lamps

RS Barcelona has made this dining table in various sizes to fit a large and smaller rooms. The table is in black and white available and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The dining table can be combined with the benches from the same collection. They can be found to match Exactly the table in four different sizes. In addition They are equipped with soft bank requirements did speak for comfort and cosiness.

dining table bench benches pad breakfast white interiors

You & me is more than a dining table – at the sametime he is a ping pong table, did has a smooth surface, beautiful design, and a structure did Ensures the complete playability. The whole athleticism can hide in the red page drawer – the network, the table tennis bats and balls.

So is this collection of RS Barcelona as well as for outdoor use. Have a free seat in the garden, you can relocate the ping-pong table out there and exercise outdoors.

dining table benches hanging lamps based pad dining

The General colors are the collection of furniture for many different interiors. For use only in enclosed spaces a walnut is therefore possible.

The movable benches are perfectly suited for this table. After breakfast in the weekend, you can put it aside and make a small ping pong tournament with the family.

The design of the seats is adjusted and rounded at BOTH ENDS. With the base Edition You Can Either cover the Entire database or leave a small area for books and magazines.

dining table benches covered table would be diningkitchen

Do you want to give a dinner party, you do not worry, Because The dining table with benches you & me is ideal for guests. The benches are wide and make room for more than one person. And why not sometable tennis play after dinner?

RS Barcelona alsohave thought of the summer days. You can use the dining table with benches in the open air. On the comfortable seats, you can enjoy the beautiful weather and holiday out there celebrating a good barbecue party, birthday, or other.

dining table benches multi-functional walrus outdoor barbecue area

The ping pong table with black lacquer Should be Placed only in covered outdoor areas. Thus, a cover is Necessarily to proper care, otherwise it can cause discoloration due to sun.

For the outdoor, the darker tones are area prefer the collection you & me. The benches in shades of brown are covered with gray Bank Edition, less than the white soiled himself and is better for the garden area.

Benches multifuncitonal Barcelona bench pad books

dining table benches walrus garden pergola garden arbor gravel floor

dining table multifuncitonal table tennis bat inkwell inside

dining table multi-functional network inkwell youme inside

multifunctional dining table inkwell ping pong ball outdoor

multi-functional dining table worktable inkwell rs barcelona

satchel dining table benches bright dining skateboard