Divide the kitchen from the living room

Ideas to separate the kitchen from the living room Your goal is to divide the kitchen from the living area ? Many are our proposals to meet your needs.

dividing kitchen and living room ideas

The protagonist is undoubtedly the glass in its various forms and facets, ready to separate the rooms without losing brightness and without interrupting the continuity ‘of the whole. There are, as already mentioned, different solutions can be adopted. Here we go.

divide kitchen from living room

Make a sliding glass door
Perfect for separating the kitchen and living room have sliding doors “sliding doors”, preferably enriched with exclusive finishes are ideal to give a touch of class to your home.

Making a room divider
To subdivide an open environment can be a useful element to separate or delimit the affected areas.

The booth must be an element of shielding helpful, discreet, do not assume that as the construction of an entire partition.

Divide the kitchen from the living room

There are several companies that produce different patterns of partitions, but for lovers of DIY the booth is an element that can also be custom built.

For those who dare, you can even buy a big aquarium generation and overcome the separation of the environment.

Make a storage wall or double-sided central fireplace
It ‘s definitely a revolutionary idea to divide the kitchen from the living room with a fireplace centrally placed.

More common, however, consider a wall fitted double face to split the two environments.

ways to divide kitchen from living room

In short, the ideas for dividing the kitchen area from the living room are so many, just choose the solution that’s right for you and the problem will soon be solved.