DIY Easter decoration – make this 21 great ideas!

Decorate your apartment on individual and unique way, by just creating the decoration this year. There are namely decoration the various ideas for the DIY Easter, for their production, you can make love to your children to help to organize such a fun crafting afternoon. Choose the best way a typical Easter or spring motif for the decoration and miss the perfect atmosphere for the holidays your interior.

DIY decoration easter bunny fabric sewing plush toy cute

Our ideas for the DIY decoration Easter are divided into four categories. To get inspiration for fiddling of Bunny motifs, then on the subject of chicks and finally we have some ideas for the design and decoration of eggs, as well as with flowers. Prepare with the great suggestions on the upcoming Easter season.

Easter without the Easter Bunny would be like Christmas without Santa Claus. Pay attention therefore to the rabbit and make a great DIY decoration for Easter, to honor him. Here you can see a cute fabric Bunny, you can sew or glue but made of felt. On the sofa, he ensures the Easter mood.Ordinary lollipops with paper, wrap around the shape of a rabbit. With several such lollipops that can be designed in different colors, you can assemble special bouquets as DIY decoration for Easter. And your child was well-behaved, it may isn’t eat but sure to a lollipop Hare?

DIY decoration easter bunny ears pompoms felt graywhite brown

So many things can be made from simple tassels. So also this cute bunnies, which you can use later as pawns in the apartment. Decoration for Easter you can make this DIY also with your children together.We can only marvel at, which there are interesting ideas with carry of the most diverse materials. Take a paper lantern and it make an Easter Bunny, by adding to feet and head made of any material. This felt is suitable, for example, again. Add still a loop and leave the DIY decoration Easter light up!

DIY decoration easter bunny lollipop make whitepaper funny idea

Distribute Easter mood not only in your home, but also in shopping, by sewing such shopping bags themselves. In addition, they make wonderful as decoration. Hang them simply on a hanger, so that the rabbit can be seen. A funny DIY decoration to Easter, which is also handy.Chicks and chickens are part of the typical Easter motifs. Finally, we would have no eggs for painting without the chicken. You are the helper of the Easter Bunny. Above you can see a pretty Garland that you can make from felt. Decoration for Easter you can change color like the DIY.

DIY decoration easter eggs flower spring fashion idea vintage romance

Can you crochet? Then you make but these cute chicks, which can be used as small pockets for the Easter eggs. Depending on the size, you can hide small Schokoeier or but quail and chicken eggs in them. Such chicks as DIY decoration Easter is also suitable as egg on the breakfast table.Of course the eggs belong to the Easter decorations. You can design an original DIY decoration Easter also with them, you need maybe some new ideas for coloring and shape of eggs. You will find great ways to incorporate the eggs, in the decoration here as well.

DIY decoration easter Garland roses wall dried cloves work

Color Easter eggs in an any pastel tone and then cover it with gold confetti. As desired, you can choose silver or copper color. You will receive a noble-looking DIY decoration for Easter.Like you can choose decoration also this variant to egg dye for the DIY Easter. Let the eggs simply white and paint it instead with pretty patterns in pastel shades. These stripes, zigzag pattern, points and triangles or else so you think you are suitable.

DIY decoration easter glamorous zipper gold egg jewelry

An egg in gold? Why not? And as one-color Easter eggs many a appear too boring, you can come up with interesting decorations, like this DIY decoration for Easter with a zipper. There are also buttons, fabrics and natural materials.Maybe you have ever seen decoration Easter from an eggshell such an idea for DIY, which serves as a flower pot. Go even one step further and make it something in an egg Cup, or the egg box. Instead, you can hang the egg with macramé piece technology.

DIY decoration easter nest egg pretty blue crocus bouquet

Decorate the eggs using the decoupage technique. All the great variety of napkins, you will find also a motive, that you like. Then place the eggs in a basket lined with MOSS to bring you particularly well.Here you can see a colorful variant for the decoupage Easter eggs. Such pieces of jewelry are not only wonderfully as DIY decoration for Easter, but can replace even the flowers. Can come up with even an original idea for the arrangement with these eggs.

DIY decoration easter crochet yellow kueken chocolate eggs jewelery

Natural materials are very popular with the craft. You prefer, this idea for DIY can try but decoration for Easter. Use MOSS to make the Easter eggs and create true eye-catcher. As an alternative, you can use of course artificial Moss.Make your Easter eggs individually to the show by tinker practical stand. And this idea is also extremely simple to implement. For the DIY Easter, you need decoration only some wooden balls in any size, as well as yarn or a rubber band. The diameter of the stand should be less, than that of the widest point of the ice, so that the egg does not slip into it.

DIY decoration easter spring oared pastel eggs branches

Because Easter falls in the spring, you can as material use decoration Easter flower or but for them to produce accessories such as vases for DIY. You can continue to use an old and ugly vase by just wrap them with pretty paper or fabric. In this way, you can customise as bottles and Mason jars .

DIY decoration easter pattern idea classy look easter eggs gold confetti stripe dots triangles

A beautiful wall and work here. She can not only at Easter, but be used throughout the spring and makes every room romantic work. Dried roses in different colors and carnations were used for the DIY decoration for Easter.You can use real flowers even to the figures of Easter eggs. To combine the spring and Easter in only a decoration. Simply paste the flowers on the balls. Select glue or adhesive, which is at least transparent after drying.

DIY decoration easter eggs flowers purple stick jumping

Suitable to the Garland of roses, you can build an of such chandeliers. He’s doing well very especially in the vintage furnishings. Wrap the frame with a white tip, which you use to hang the Roses at the same time. Simply romantic, isn’t it?

DIY decoration easter bags shopping hare motifs sewing fabric scraps

DIY decoration easter tinkering natural material moss design easter eggs

DIY decoration easter vintage style chandelier idea roses and white lace

DIY decoration easter wooden balls idea white egg cress plant

DIY decoration for Easter decoupage idea blue flowers easter eggs make moss

DIY decoration for Easter eggs glamor gold pastel confetti

DIY decoration for Easter napkins flowers colorful eggs decoupage paper

DIY decoration for Easter pink craft idea bunny lantern felt white bow

DIY easter decoration pendant idea eggshell flowerpot macramé piece

DIY easter decoration vases design paper strips spring colors pink tulips

pattern egg pipeprof chevron diy decoration for easter felt Garland chicken