Diy Vertical Garden idea

The first thing is to staple the canvas, well stretched, so it covers the rear That of the pallet, as well as the sides head coverage, as you’ll see in the picture. You must leave one of Its front parts exposed, Which will serve to hang the plants you want to look on That side. The side will be top of the pallet Board. You must cover with canvas planter Also, in Addition to the sides and rear, the side Which forms the basis of the pallet When Placed in the upright position. In a way Where we will place the plants and the top front That It Should only be discovered.

Vertical bed with his hands (2)

It Creates pockets of land Within the pallet. With gardening, plastic or fabric, you must create a pocket on the inside of each slat table. To Do This, cut a piece of plastic canvas, fold up and it will clip into the back of a Ribbon.

Then, we re-stapling the other side of the plastic canvas on the back side of the pallet. Repeat for each section of plants along the pallet. Make sure the pockets are deep enough to Maintain That one sufficient amount of ground, but not very deep.

Vertical bed with his hands (6)

Upload your living wall! This is optional Because You Also can leave it resting on the ground, in a piece of furniture or where i look it is better that. That is easy?

This time is made to hang it, using curved hooks of 7 cm and a heavy chain. In This case, we must make sure the holes and hooks That will support the weight of the planter.

Have you liked? Because we Have many more DIY ideas, to give yourselves and that you ” will publish. Do you remember the tropical garden? We gave a dual-function design a fireplace, ideal for outside, terrace or yard decoration.

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