Do you dare to put the horns?

No, today’s post is not about infidelity or affairs 😉 that this is not a gossip blog. Today I bring you a very Nordic trend in decoration, in Spain we have spent years taking it out, but now reaches renovated homes and with a much more sophisticated style. Antlers of deer, elk, moose and deer inspire other designs, most minimalist style chairing any room of the house. This vanguard décor comes with lots of color and expression, which is why the heads are made of materials such as fabric, plastic, iron, cardboard and even designed a drawing mode. Most with a touch of color.

animal antler decor

Place stuffed animal heads hunting has always been a tradition in the bullfighting world and among hunters. As you can see this style is quite different because the image of the heads does not seem so real, just their aesthetic function is why most are artificial.

deer antler decor ideas

For those who like this style of decoration you can adapt to any room in the house. The can be used as bed headboards home to decorate the hall of the house, as an element in a child’s room or even as a rack for hanging clothes and a few pieces of jewelry.

deer antler room decor

Here you can see some antlers inspire stays with gray tones, the three are taken from the same concept, but each with its own characteristic features. The first with a superb and elegant style, the second most risky and a pop touch and the third most sweet and innocent.

deer antlers for decor

I’ve wanted to teach this example in bedrooms because they have played a lot with white and wood tones having the room. The contrast is softer but the result is just lovely!The applications are different, in this case we see two similar teen room styles and light colors CandyBar.

deer horn wall decor

I also want to show some designs that are based on the same concept, in this case heads stuffed animals for children’s rooms. I personally find it a fun decoration and you can like much to the kids!:)

antler decor accessories

The heads need not be true, can make or paint them yourself, you can also buy in stores where you will find decorative plastic, metal, cloth or cardboard. There are many types, varieties and designed to highlight or go unnoticed colors, you depend on the relevance whatsoever ye give. You can give a fun and friendly the room with one of these heads lined with patterned fabric touch.

antler bath decor

I recently discovered Gunila Lala , a beautiful shop where you can find antiques and other marvels. There I found this lovely deer antler 70 with eleven points in total and very well preserved. I particularly liked for its breadth and support ideal for combining with modern furniture wood.Finally you have some designs that have inspired great decorators in their creations. Do you say, do you dare to put the horns?

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