Domestic well-being through XXL sofas – cozy, soft and cuddly

Nothing says “Welcome home”, as the feeling to fall on a comfy sofa and relax more beautiful. The trend sofas to the greatest possible sofa landscape, the XXL. What makes the huge deck and seating so attractive and what must be observed if the acquisition?

XXL sofa leatherette gray l shape chaise of blue accents

The living room which is always the center of the stage for the whole family. All together to watch movies or television, to play video games, or to enjoy a good book in the reading area meet here. The establishment of this oasis in the middle of apartment or house has changed it again and again over time. Where a few years ago, the massive wall had their place, depends on the smart TV today. And so the upholstered furniture to go with the time. The seating area of lounge chairs and sofa has served well. The latest trend sofas are the XXL.

XXL sofa shape light gray l softly padded chaise longue

XXL sofas take up much space and therefore especially suited to larger living areas. They are extremely comfortable and provide space for all who want to sit down. No matter whether girl’s night with girlfriends, sparkling wine and favorite series, or sports night with beer and chips. The huge seating is ideal for children. You can move freely, climb, lie or sit between the adults. Special to the XXL, sofas, of course, is their size and often so the depth. With 3 to 5 meters wide and up to three-meter long side panels at a depth of up to one and a half meters, are impressive pieces of furniture and invite to settle. The advantage of size is especially that all take place. No points to stools and chairs more, to extend the round. And so slightly heavier visitors must not worry, if they settle on the soft sofa, but very stable XXL. By giant sofas with sleeping function area is planned or spontaneous overnight guests in addition for a good night’s sleep.

XXL sofa taupe greige lounge l shape wall design led light African

You will find a wide range of XXL sofas with or without sleeping function at the online retailer Who but would like to be a big sofa in the living area, should note that the XXL couch often occupies on the entire wall and once built, hard to move. Therefore do not take before ordering the sofa just the dimension of the living room but so the door frame and the house response. So that the couch so during delivery can be easily delivered into the living area. Remember when measuring out of the living room, to be somewhat more space, so you can easily go to the sofa or the floors and furniture around to clean. Related coffee tables should be so slightly larger than in traditional sofa corners, to make everyone happy. Lighting concepts should be planned, no one has to sit in the dark, so ideally be mounted over the sofa landscape. Then, the living area is ready for cozy family dinners and great parties among friends.

XXL sofas sleeping function functional bed dark blue upholstered

XXL sofas soft dark gray l form wooden furniture chaise lounge white walls