Dressing rooms, a space dedicated to clothing

Although we may think that dressing is a treat to have all the clothes, shoes and accessories together in one place also have a mirror and space for dressing, it is a convenience that has nothing to do with luxury, but with savings time and comfort. That’s why we brought you some ideas for dressing, a space dedicated to clothing .


While we can assume that we need a big room and a lot of money to achieve our dressing room, the truth is that with a little imagination and some practical solutions you can find in the market, your closet can be a reality sooner than you think.
As always, the first thing to define is the space that you will allocate for dressing , if you have a full or a room with a corner in another room.


You can take advantage of the extra space in your bedroom and create some partitions, walls or glass doors to close the dressing for a decorative and effectively.
You must also define the style of dressing, which has to be combined with the room, whether classic, baroque, minimalist, etc..
At present, the dressing can be placed outside the bedroom , so you gain flexibility. You can place it in the bathroom, hall, work area or any other room where you have space.

If you opt for the traditional location in the bedroom, there are decorative options that allow you to place it in areas where they would not dare, as the head of the bed .
If you have a room in L or narrow, you can hang bars the walls , forming a coat closet with a large mirror, a carpet and a light spot. Study your space and decide how best to use it.