Dry Branches Decoration

For those who love the craft and everything that has to do with the decor, always look for ways to fix and create objects for our spaces look original and personalized décor. With this in mind here are a simple idea on how to make arrangements with dried branches to decorate our room, or dining room.

The beauty of decorating with branches is the simplicity with which it is made. Besides amazed at where you’re going to get most of the necessary elements, and if you like to occasionally go out for a walk in the park then you just have to open your eyes and look out at all the things may serve to decorate the house with little money .

-Branches and snags. The idea is to get one many trunks least 1m long and 3cm to 5cm in diameter if you want your arrangement to go on the floor. Short and thin branches will be more suitable for centerpiece .
-The timber must be in good condition preventing it from being green, wet or very porous. Oh, and watch out for insects!
– Seeds and fruits, there are a variety of seeds and dried fruits still not lose their shape and hardness, these are ideal for decorating the arrangement, if you want to do it the natural way clear, otherwise we can replace these parts with other material .
-Painting. Oil or water, depending on the touch that you want to give the painting looks more natural water for example, seeks a color that coordinates with the rest of the decoration or only to emphasize the natural tones such as brown, black, beige, etc.
– Glue and accessories. Preferably, get silicone stick to work more comfortably, accessories can be spheres, handmade flowers , artificial seeds, foliage, etc.., these materials can find them at craft stores and art.

Arrangements with branches for decoration
The first step is to thoroughly clean the branches of any traces of dirt, insects and chips. Once done, we will paint the branches, unless you prefer to leave them natural. You must allow the paint to dry and give another coat of paint if necessary.

Then will stick decorative details that we recolecatado or those who have bought or made. I recommend you first put the branches in a distributed manner, the idea is to create our own tree or shrub, so check with your imagination, equally with the seeds and foliage.
If you want to give it a more original and vivid to the arrangement, decorating with flowers under artificial colors. These also can you do with crepe paper (also known in some places as Chinese paper.

Thus, we achieve a beautiful arrangement with dry branches   cheaply and with our own hands. Once you start using branches home decor , you can create as many designs come in mind. Put our advice into practice and see the results.