Dynamic Kitchen with Aquarium Kitchen

The kitchens have taken a leading role in interior design. They are no longer static zones in which nothing happens. Proof of this is that I bring this design then designer Darren Morgan. The Dynamic Kitchen is the proof that a kitchen can be very “alive”.  The designer has built an aquarium than three meters long in a kitchen with the latest technology. An original idea that gives life to this area of the house so in need of new trends. The Dynamic Kitchen is a breath of fresh air to the world of kitchens.

According to statements of the designer “I wanted this kitchen was literally alive, and it worked beyond the functional level. My aim was to create a relationship between the user and the kitchen not only functionally, but also emotionally. Kitchens suits any social occasion or time of day, so I searched for an aesthetic and ergonomic efficiency at every level of the room. ”

And the end result can not be more successful. In addition, LED lights that illuminate the entire stay a touch further modern kitchen making it an attractive space that invites kitchens or even a drink watching the fish.