Earn welfare in master bedroom

A comfortable bedroom is one that fulfills all the needs of practical and healthy. We tell you how.The most private room of the house requires good planning to become a haven in which to rest and recuperate. Must be considered from aspects of comfort and convenience, as the choice of the bed and the distribution to other wellness-related, as the materials and the color chosen for the walls.

Master-Bedroom design

A comfortable space
Choose quieter stay to position the bedroom, away from the entrance and the most lived-as the living room or kitchen, and, if possible, with windows facing the inside and not the street. As for the distribution of the bedroom, it is usual to turn the situation around the bed and the entry of natural light. Ideally, place the bed perpendicular to the window, to enjoy sufficient illumination without dazzle, and make sure it has a perimeter of 70 cm around it to move smoothly. Regarding the choice of furniture, do not fill the space with too much extraneous parts and pick them in proportion to the feet with which accounts.

Being a stay designed for rest , whenever you can, avoid placing in it a work area, and refers you to the maelstrom of everyday life.

How to have a comfortable temperature
Environment. For a good rest, the temperature must be very high, about 18 ° C. If you notice very dry environment, use humidifiers.
Enclosures. A profiles with thermal break and double insulated glass outside. On existing windows, weatherstripping and silicones help yourself.
Isolation. Choose natural materials without chemical treatments such as plasterboard, cork or wood fibers. Also save energy.

Relaxing tones
Besides its decorative effects, color has the ability to change the environment and influence the mood. Precisely because of its calm and relaxing effect, cool colors like blue, mauve and green are very suitable in your relaxing break . So are neutral, its effect on the walls quiet and its ability to “dye” for the tones that come from the hand of furniture and accessories. Meanwhile, pastel colors, which are achieved by applying to any shade a greater proportion of white-soften the impact of color and manage the rooms look bigger. The decorative painting , meanwhile, is also suitable in the dorms for the relaxing effect of the water and finishes, although it is best to reserve it for the headboard wall. Before choosing one color or another, look at the incidence of the sun during the day. In rooms with lots of irradiation-west-orientation, choose cool tones that offset and “cool”. In contrast, in the darkest – north facing – choose light and bright colors.

Greener materials
Painting. The ecological raw materials consist of vegetable or mineral left the walls sweat. Moreover, they are fungicides and insecticides.
Varnishes. A base oils and resins prevent becoming electrostatically charged surfaces and cracking because impregnate more.
Timber. The organically grown and comes from managed forests have not been treated with chemicals. Best if native species.
The latter. With bamboo are produced from furniture to textiles, and cardboard and some resins are all kinds of parts and accessories for the home.



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