Easter eggs to decorate with beads – instruction and 20 creative ideas

Traditionally, Easter eggs dyed varied through different effective techniques and painted. It’s always nice if you experimented and brings something new in the tradition. Easter eggs are decorated right shimmering gems with beads and can highlights be used at the festive table decorations.

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Of course you can not decorate Easter eggs, which are later eaten with beads and glitter, because it would be a waste. Why is it recommended to use even decorated eggs only as decoration. On the one hand, this ornament is really expensive and secondly, to freeze the beads, glue is used that is edible never. Best you get eggs for decoration from the handicraft supplies special purposes. These can be hollow plastic, styrofoam or wood. Choose size and material according to the individual requirements. Keep in mind the ice retreat opportunities – you would hang the decorative eggs or rather put in a Bowl under the firmly cooked.

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Styrofoam balls are usually the best choice. This offer is in wide range of sizes that can be wonderfully put together to, are very easy to edit – just on a wooden skewer, prick and decorate. It is important to note that exact colors and glues to use for this material, or at least no acetone-based. Otherwise, the foam dissolves. You should not use also hot glue because it melts the plastic because of the heat.

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Easter eggs, you can decorate with beads and as accent on the festive table. White beads stand for classic elegance and are very popular. Alternatively used coloured beads, metallic or glass beads. Our Tip: choose decorative elements in two colors or sizes for only one type to avoid a shoddy results. You will find the half pearls in craft supplies and craft shops. These are intended just for pasting and decorating surfaces. The bottom each bead is flat and it you can easily distribute a drop of glue or double sided tape.

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Use only adhesives, which dry quickly and produce no staining on the surface. Adhesive spray is also a good option if you well can handle it. Our Tip: If you use a spray adhesive, cover the workplace, as well as the obvious surface with protective film, because adhesive really anywhere for spraying in the environment. If you opt for colored beads and seed beads, apply a thin layer in the appropriate color on the egg, and then continue with the decorating. Our Tip: choose a shade lighter color or exact the same tone of bead that you want to use. When dyeing styrofoam eggs, make sure that the water – or acrylic-based paints are.

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The small beads made of glass, in numerous colors un available can be nuances beautifully combined and you can make right harmonious color pattern itself. Beads can be used in two ways in the decoration of Easter eggs – just with the hole externally and laterally as small pixels that make up a whole. You can easily put the beads using straight pins in a styrofoam egg. The head of the pins should not be smaller than the hole of each Pearl, but something great, to fix it.

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Similarly, you can apply with glittering sequins and combine even with glass beads. They placed close to each other or to write to ornaments. Our Tip: remember to sound not the styrofoam egg in appropriate nuance, to avoid white gaps between the single elements. A styrofoam egg can be even paper and decorate on this white colour. Make mm deep wedges 5-8 equal according to along the length of the ice. Cut pieces of thin material in sheet form and insert them into the slots. Use pins and sequins, you can also decorate the egg and above, write to ornaments, as seen on the image.

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Sequins, beads and seed beads sound maybe tacky and tasteless, but carefully chosen can be very modern and interesting design. Take a color, for example in white sequins. Then you should have however not previously stained the styrofoam egg. Close to each other, place the white, slightly transparent sequins and fix with simple pins with all metal head. The right, empty egg remains as an alternative to the styrofoam balls. The Interior of the egg you can blow out or suck with large syringe. First of all, you should make a hole in the eggshell with a thick needle. You must drill into even a hole on the other side to blow out the egg.

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You should deal with the empty eggs really carefully, because they are very fragile and delicate. To strengthen the egg shell a bit, you can decoupage-principle to apply one or what thin, transparent napkins to glue or alternatively transparent varnish. So, the shell is coated, but always still very breakable . When the press and fixing of the pearls on the egg out blew . Double-sided tape can be taken also in use, however, if the beads into strips to attach.

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As an alternative to the glass beads also suited to the ornate of baked goods – the sugar pearls. These are smaller and are really densely cover the eggshell. Apply thin layer of transparent adhesive on the egg and roll it in the sugar pearls. If necessary, carefully push with your hands and remove the excess beads. To create a really glamorous decorative object, take beads and wrap it around the egg. To fix it, you can use also glue. Drip transparent adhesive that hardens quickly on some of the beads and make this little flower or loop for magnificent appearance in the Shabby chic style.

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Finished, decorative elements with pearls that you can place on the eggshell right, offer in the way of stickers. These can be equally well on the correct eggshell, and styrofoam. A high-contrast color would look good if the self-adhesive pearls and glitter as single elements are placed. Relatively large beads can be using wire and glue in the form, without a surface to be used. Insert the beads as a kind of building blocks and form a really glamorous egg from shimmering beads.


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