Easy Ways to sand hardwood floors

Hardwood floors need to be sanded for several reasons. The first is cosmetics. Scratches and dings can be removed by sanding and finishing. Another is to level, raised floor panels can be sanded to become flush with the rest of the room. The final is rehabilitation. An old floor can be brought back to life by sanding. Here are some easy ways to meet them.


Sanding cosmetic
A cosmetic sanding work is one of the easiest arena because only certain parts of the plant that need it. A floor with stains or scratches can be sanded hand in a short period of time. The easiest ways to do this is to use an orbital sander belt sander or a block of wood. With the orbital sander can be sanded by several rows of boards to remove scratches covering a few square feet of floor. This is done with a disc of 220 grit sandpaper, sander moving in a circle. A belt sander can remove scratches and bumps in a linear orientation and can handle a narrower but more plant section. The wood block sander with 220 grit sandpaper sheets, do simple retouching work quickly.


To level a wood floor that has several tables raised above the other floor, you should use a drum sander and make the whole room. You’ll have to decide for the placement and number of tables raised floor to rent the machine is worth. For boards raised some scattered around the room, opt for the belt sander. This is an easy and quick way to wooden floors to level the sand. It requires less work than the drum sander and be much faster.

Grant refinish

Rehabilitation of the best floor is complete with a drum sander too. This will ensure that the entire floor is the same and usually results in a more professional finish. The drum sander is made for rough sand on a drum part and fine sand in the rest. To get you started in the middle of the floor and work from left to right, roughly sand the joints to flush surface and fine sanding with each step. When finished middle of the room, back unit in the center so that the sander will work well on the road it was just hard way the first sanded. This will create a professional look and rehabilitate any wood floor.