Eclectic Living Room Furniture collection

Are you the same boring furniture tired? Perhaps you’ve always wanted something new, fresh and modernistic? They think in a different way and you can not really understand what others think “appropriate” or “choice”? If you are such a person, then this article is for you. Let your imagination free and take a look at this fabulous eclectic collection of Moroso.


The eclectic collection of Living Room Furniture by Moroso is one of the most incredible collections this year. If you are looking for something different and unique, then this furniture is only for you. Dutch designer Edward van Vliet has designed a unique design solution, offering a lively atmosphere, which extends through the button-down collection of Moroso each to house is. This modern pattern suitable to a futuristic interior. The design of the sofa is very casual and comfortable, and yet it is so unique with its futuristic colorful texture.

Eclectic living room furniture Moroso armchair

The eclectic living room furniture collection is as enticing as its name. You might also be suitable for your office equipment that only depends on your profession. This device is absolutely perfect for artists. immediately sends a message. The bedside tables are available in various colors, sizes and shapes. You can see in the pictures how well they fit together with the chairs and sofas. This unique furniture pieces can freshen the day. If you feel sad, or if it is not your day, then you can come home and because your mood is evident in looking at these fabulous interior design solution and you will feel refreshed. The great colorful mix is specially adjusted to bring positive vibrations in any kind of modern, colorful d├ęcor.


Find the eclectic pieces of furniture that will refresh your interior and will remember you, everyone who thinks with style – living with style. We love this eclectic living room furniture by Moroso . Believe us, you are the button-down collection find exactly tempting as it is, according to its name. The button-down -sofa, armchair and side table bring an eclectic delight, with a patchwork of modern patterns, colors and finishes combined. Dutch designer Edward van Vliet gave the sofa awarded a casual, comfortable shape with the frontal characteristic “cardigan buttons”.


Eclectic living room furniture Moroso bed

Eclectic living room furniture Moroso Button Down

Eclectic living room furniture Moroso Button

Eclectic living room furniture Moroso colorful

Eclectic living room furniture Moroso kafeetisch

Eclectic Living Room Furniture Moroso