Eclectic Vintage Decorating Ideas

At other times we have tried the vintage decorating style , that style takes old furniture or objects and gives them an important place in the decoration. Today I want to show you another way to decorate with this style, the vintage eclectic , combining things from both styles to achieve a new, different and striking. Before talking about the vintage eclectic decor must understand both styles separately.

Decoration vintage:
The vintage decor is surprisingly easy to understand, but also surprisingly complex.
Vintage is a term that is used by many professionals to define the features with at least 100 years old, but this does not always apply, there are things vintage becomes after a few seasons of being fashionable.

Eclectic decor:
Furthermore, the eclectic is similar but very different from vintage. For example, itself covers an eclectic variety of styles, but all of these styles have one thing in common: they are eclectic. For example, consists in combining mid-century furniture with modern contemporary decoration, can also be a combination of Victorian style with the art deco style.

Eclectic Decor Vintage:
When combined, these two terms, home decor eclectic vintage can refer to a lot of different styles, you can combine two or more different styles that are modern, while incorporating vintage pieces to achieve the style sought .
You can also combine a variety of totally vintage pieces (although all different styles of decoration) to create a new look.
One advantage of these styles as individuals is that no matter the style you currently have in your home, surely with some details and accessories you can combine existing furniture and other pieces to create an eclectic look vintage.
The style is incorporating vintage pieces, as well as a variety of other pieces to create a unique look, and honestly I think that is what you want everyone in your home, have a unique space to speak for us and reflects our personality, do not you think?
What did you think of these styles? You decorate your home? With this trend?