Ecological Christmas gifts

Are approaching Christmas and with them the typical shopping with you celebrate Father Christmas or Twelfth Night. If you want to make your own Christmas of this year be special, different and unique we offer a number of ecological gifts and accessible to the to take a new approach to purchases of these parties, and also a number of organic ornaments to fill your home with light and color not to mention the environmental awareness.

chistmas gifts

If you want to give fashion accessories , what better than a solar bag that allows mobile always charged, very useful for those working women who need the phone all day, not forgetting also the solar portfolios for businessmen. For more young, a bag crafted using eco fire hoses and useless parachute silk , which provide a modern and elegant design.
If you bet more for cosmetic products, natural products are a healthy alternative and very green. Face creams, face masks, spa kits, massage oils … made ​​with 100% organic and natural , from organic farming and grown without pesticides or unnatural fertilizers, and no artificial colors or preservatives.
Cardboard furniture, lamps recyclable cardboard vases or recycled glass vases if you like more decorative gifts. ‘re efficient and innovative products that perfectly complement the decor of all households and contribute to building a ecohogar.
The website of the online store Green Habit gives you more items and estimated prices.
But gifts not only build the Christmas atmosphere, it is essential to a good Christmas decorations. The high energy expenditure generated by the lights that adorn our streets can be alleviated if you bet in your home by an organic decoration. Centre recyclable products can make your own decorations without resorting to economic spending in malls, is another of the advantages of the ecology.
You can use foreign branches , spray paint them silver or gold and fill vases with them and supplement them with ribbons and decoration-navidad4balls. To decorate the candles are very useful pineapples, leaves of evergreen trees or go. ‘s and christmas cards of Christmas past can form a very decorative hanging on a long strand of string.
Fill with water bottles or vases transparent, add food coloring in Christmas colors like red, blue or green and put floating candles inside or just put a few in a row to give a touch of Christmas.
Christmas-greenEven with natural elements can make your own Christmas wreath for the door. Go outside and cut almost any type of foliage you see, bend it to form a circle and tie it to something, either a string, a loop or line. Hang it and add a few bows or ornaments. Also you can place on a surface and put a candle in the center and if you let it dry, you can make it last a little longer and even spray paint a Christmas color.
As you see, the ecology may still be present in something as mundane as are our Christmas parties , helping the environment and getting care to make your holidays be ecological, cheap and original.
For Christmas If you’re willing to look after the planet can opt for a Christmas decoration for celebrating green this time so that your Christmas decorations do not harm the environment. You can for example decorate your home with natural elements like orange slices or dried lemons , fruit, and egg shells painted in bright colors.

Even when you think of Christmas decoration for your home you can opt for a Christmas tree made ​​of artificial natural materials . Among the best ideas for a d eco Christmas ecoración include centerpieces, candlesticks and ornaments made ​​from recycled or recyclable materials and items decorated with non-toxic paints and recycled handmade paper.

If you do not like artificial trees for Christmas decoration, you can opt for a live Christmas tree and then convert it into splinters. In some cities, the department of urban sanitation removes Christmas trees and turn them into chips which can then be used by residents. Another very ecological solution is to buy a Christmas tree with roots that after the holidays you can plant in your home garden.

To save money and protect the environment you choose to use paper scraps jokes section of the newspaper to create handmade ornaments for Christmas decoration in your home. Besides the ecological measures you can take to the Christmas decorations also recommend wrapping Christmas gifts uncoated packaging that can be recycled or burned easily.

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Ecological Christmas gifts