Egg Easter in the look of watercolor

Who even wants to coloring Easter eggs with a fancier technique, can try it with the “watercolor” technique! This technique makes the eggs look colorful and stylish at the same time, and is quite easy to make. Especially the eggs with bead caps look pretty covering at the same time the hole by blowing out. I personally like this Easter eggs in bold colors, they look very nice but also in bright pastel colours.


DIY_Ostereier_Watercolor_DekoKitchen5 DIY_Ostereier_Watercolor_DekoKitchen4

Of course you can make the eggs with this technique also multicolored. For this, you have to carry on only one different colors. Notice in the previous layer is always dried before you continue with the next layer. Through the used Nail Polish you should dye the eggs with good ventilation of the room. This technique is by the smell of nail polish for fiddling with children!


This material you need if you want to dye Easter eggs in the “watercolor” look:


blown Easter or goose eggs or plastic eggs
Thread for suspension
Bead caps
Tray with water (the best from plastic)
Nail Polish in the desired color (no gel Nail Polish)


DIY_Ostereier_Watercolor_DekoKitchen2 DIY_Ostereier_Watercolor_DekoKitchen3