Electric blinds

Electric blinds make life more comfortable, especially for those who do not want or can not stand to fit. With the advancement of technology was only a matter of time before someone created blinds that were controlled by a remote control. Since the invention of the remote control and the cell, it was expected that these technologies were implemented in other places and things around the house. Today there are electric shutters, but also doors and many other things that use a single command to manage the house.

A hundred years ago, window blinds were invented for the sole purpose of trying to protect the self from the curious eyes of people who walk by your window and cannot but help see inside you house or your room. The modern world just took it a step higher by making the manual control of window blinds into electric blinds for easier access and control, even when you are not in your home.

Since the invention of the remote control and the cell phone, it was only logical that someone would come out with a program that could make life easier for those who have to work all day long. Electric blinds now can be programmed into a mobile phone and controlled miles away from the house.

For those who want to blame someone on the advent of these inventions, really just go back to the 1960s. Sci-fi TV series like Star Trek gave rise to the imagination of microwave ovens, flat TV screens, and of course, the cell phone. Who could resist the idea of Capt. Kirk talking into a flat communicator with Officer Spock, a planet away? Or of that particular episode where the good captain walks into a room and the electric blinds roll away to reveal the star filled vista of the wide port holes that the USS Enterprise was designed with? It was a cool concept and the reality is even cooler.

It is cooler also from the energy consumption angle. With the more modern design of electric blinds, it is now possible to prevent the heat of the sun from entering a room that you’re trying to cool. The modern materials basically trap the heat from escaping and penetrating into the room from the window where it came from. Thus, energy savings are partners with the electric blinds.

There are customers who walk into a store and simply buy off the rack ready-made blinds that are generically premeasured simply because they are cheaper and more attainable. There is really nothing wrong with that as some of them really are good quality. However, for those who demand quality custom-made blinds, they should buy the blinds direct from the distributor or dealer. There they can avail of great discounts and services that retail stores do not offer. So go ahead and buy your electric blinds and relax, there is really no need to get up and open the blinds in the morning when you get up.

On one side is very good idea to create such things because it makes life much easier, and protect ourselves from the sun but also think it’s a waste of electricity that it will become more and more scarce.

Same as any other makes them blind to the measure, but also sell them to a size that everyone can use. There are also companies that make your hand in a electric blinds. Of course, the price is much higher than a normal.