Electric heater or gas heater – Which to Choose

When choosing an electric heater or gas heater , we have to take several things into account, such as which one is cheaper , if you need to install, if you spend more electricity or gas, which heats up. In this article I will help you choose between an electric heater and a gas.


Efficiency of gas and electric heaters
electric heater or gas heater
Comparing the performance ratings, we see that gas heaters are 80% efficient . Which means that 80% of the gas consumed is converted into heat and the remaining 20% is lost in the combustion process.
Electric boilers are between 95% and 100% efficient energy. Which means that virtually all electricity consumed is converted into heat with very little loss.
In this first comparative see that electric heaters are more efficient . Now we have to see the price and costs of both types of heaters to see which is more profitable.

Costs of an electric heater and a gas heater
An electric heater with an energy efficiency of 100% can cost much more than a gas heater with an efficiency of 80%, so that would look at the prices of gas and electricity to find out which is more profitable.

In Spain the price of electricity is very high , the highest in the European Union. Therefore, although gas heaters lose 20% of energy in combustion, the bill later this month will be lower.

Maintenance of electric heater and gas heater
The electric heaters require less maintenance than gas, need fewer inspections and are safer. No need to have chimney or ventilation ducts and installation is simple and quick.

gas water heater

Environmental impact
Contrary to what it may seem, electric heaters pollute more than gas.
The electricity used by the electric heater is obtained in power plants that burn coal to get it. The coal to be burned generates carbon dioxide gas, which is highly polluting and sulfur dioxide gas, which is toxic.
Gas heaters run on natural gas, which is extracted directly from the ground, and although it lost 20% of gas, it is much cleaner than the one generated by burning coal.

In conclusion
When choosing between an electric heater and a gas heater, we have seen that the electric are easier to install and require less maintenance, but the heater itself is more expensive than gas and the monthly electric bill is higher the gas . If we care about the environment, we also are more electric than gas pollutants.

Therefore, if you want to save gas is better one . If you want a simple install and forget it’s good electric one.