Energy-efficient mobile home – a House on wheels

The idea for energy-efficient mobile home is originally from United States with projects for mini houses, still tiny House called. In Europe, they are most often as a single House known and all of these terms it is common, that a house small enough to moves from one other place to be. Such a House has everything but to offer its larger ‘normal’ brothers also. Individual areas, such as sleeping and cooking area, and of course a bathroom may not be missing. It is a kind of House for modern nomads. Also, are the mini-houses in the ecologically more sustainable – need smaller built-up area, require little energy, are constructed from environmentally friendly materials. And last digit is not a basic principle held – higher is more cost effective than broad – the living area is in residential floors, stacked split.

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Here, we present an American project for modern and energy-efficient mobile home. The small wooden house will be connected as a trailer to the car, so dragged and placed at different locations. It is a larger Variant of the camper and looks more than cute shed on wheels. It stretches over 25 square metres of living space in two residential floors divided and boasts comfortable life out of little space.

energy-efficient mobile home furnishing couch daybed TV pillow shelving storage

The House on wheels is energy efficient and can accommodate up to six people. There, even normal-sized appliances (including washing machine and dryer) find place. Optionally incorporated a fireplace in the living area and a large flat screen TV is also available. An energy-efficient house escape traveler offers still kitchen, bathroom on the first floor of the residence and the second – two bedrooms. Also there is plenty of storage space and the highlight of the whole – floor to high ceiling Windows for stunning atmosphere close to nature. The dining table is the largest fixed – so you can comfortably dine and enjoy the surroundings. Thanks to the upper row of Windows, you feel like in a real House and makes furniture with normal size. The standard version is oak, but also Maple or cherry for a more modern look is available as an option. The mini House is clad in Cedar slip formwork from the outside and the steel accents make this pendant to the cute shed to look.

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An energy-efficient House like this is about. With the normal equipment, it is approximately 4 536 kilograms and has the standard connections for electricity, water and sanitation. It is connected by means of tandem-axle trailer to the car. This real small country cottages you can is actually everywhere take and feel like home. A honeymoon that would be definitely unique experience.

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