Enjoy the most of your balcony

Generally most of the balconies or terraces are often rather small and may not perform some activities such as coffee in the morning comfortably. Balcony is closed, it will cause a poorly ventilated house, residential air difficult to keep fresh, oxygen content decreased; family members in the house, on the other hand, breathing, coughing, sweating, etc., will be caused by the body’s own pollution combined with stoves, cooking, water heaters and other creative home items emit many harmful substances are trapped in the house balcony was closed. Lived easy to make people nausea, dizziness, fatigue, and other symptoms.

The sun’s ultraviolet rays can reduce density of indoor pathogenic bacteria, while healthy people can also enjoy the sun spirits, enclosed balcony reduce indoor sunlight only likely to cause the spread of bacteria, also may cause poor growth and development of infants and young children and the emergence of rickets. Therefore, the balcony or not closed for good.

However, we must be careful not to overkill, not in order to pursue the balcony good ventilation and lighting effects on the choice of the hollow-balcony styling. Now, a lot of real estate developers in order to expand business opportunities, often hollow balcony to the performance of the European style, in order to increase the residential selling point. The hollow balcony indeed conducive to the residential ventilation and lighting, However, on this balcony pattern there are certain shortcomings. The hollow balcony home interior design committed Feng Shui “below-the-knee vanity” taboo, while others look to the balcony outside the house, you can easily see people within residential below the knee, will not only lead to residential privacy no and mental health of the people is very unfavorable. Therefore, the balcony in the shape necessary to avoid fully enclosed walled structure, but also to avoid the use concise style through flowers railings, balcony rendered hollow form of.

To achieve this effect, the most desirable way: the balcony the lower one-third of the real wall, while the upper two-thirds of the glass windows, and always open. In this way, not only will not have the disadvantages of “below the knee Void” and will not “close the door of sodium gas” have an impact on residential feng shui. Transparent, vision balcony, is both beautiful and Feng Shui Road.

But the truth is that it is unfair. Why have a balcony if you can not use, no? For the German designer Christian Lessing, to maximize every inch of our balconies, has created this original panel.
This is a panel that allows you to place chairs, tables and potted receptacles swing shape that suits you. We convert a space virtually nonexistent, into something useful. You can not run around the balcony, but at least you have a rich coffee watching the world go by.

All parts are completely mobile, so you can just put the pieces you need for a particular activity. All you have to do is install the metal panel in one wall of your balcony. What I know is not weight bearing this panel. I honestly do not look very strong to say. But that finish line on the ground and the pot will not be hat.