Enter the current green in decorative styles

Since we are already seeing the designers of the moment begin to introduce color into their minimalist and contemporary designs. It’s a trend that started not long ago but is gaining popularity. The decorated spaces in these current styles may receive strokes of every color imaginable. It is the advantage of starting from a neutral base as you know. In a decorated white or gray color space every detail vividly highlighted and produce a major transformation.


We are perhaps more used to seeing those details in very intense, vivid reds and oranges mostly warm colors, but green lovers may be interested to introduce that color instead of the above already hackneyed. Green is a lively and vital color that reminds us of the natural. In any modern, minimalist, Scandinavian, industrial or any other style we can introduce a bit of green to create a more suitable environment to our liking.


And when we enter the green we can not avoid referring to houseplants. Plants represent the most natural green color that can be introduced into a decoration. For a style we’re talking quintessential plants are succulents or succulents, with its variety of green tones with touches of gray are ideal for indoor plants to have in any decor. They are also resistant, low-maintenance plants, which is always a plus when it comes to houseplants.

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In a room decorated in industrial style we can also introduce the color green, in its various and varied tones. Playing with color gradations allow you to choose various decorative objects or furniture in this color.The classic indoor plants are also a good way to introduce the color green in a modern space. Especially when we have an excellent source of natural light would be a waste not to use it.


Small decorative objects and fabrics muted green on a gray-green background is a very discreet and attractive option. Even we can introduce a touch of contrast as in the picture above holding yellow carpet line.Green is the color of the vegetable kingdom, and not have to give it up. Indoors or outdoors green is a color that we have in our hand and we must seize.

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