Envelopes in various sizes and shapes – 12 DIY ideas

Sure everyone is happy about a real letter, which was beautifully wrapped in a pretty envelope. But envelopes are not just for letters. Also, maps, photos, money and other things can be given away in it. And even more beautiful is this kind of packaging, if it is self-made. You will be amazed how easy it is to fold an envelope yourself. To prove this to you, we’ve put together some great tutorials that will help you create an envelope with different shapes and sizes. Find the perfect model for your purposes!

Bullet-tinker-valentine's day-anniversary-heart-shape-playful

You can fold this original envelope by using any type of paper. This can be simple craft paper, but also cardboard or gift paper. If you follow the link at the end of the article, you will find a template for the envelope cover with this form. Depending on what type of paper you want to use for the envelope, you can print the original to plain paper, cut it, and then transfer it to the envelope material or print directly onto the paper. The dotted lines show which points are to be folded.Also with geometric

Also with geometric forms, you get original envelopes. Thus, even from a circular shape, a visually appealing letter envelope can arise. Its size has been determined by means of the diameter of the circle so that you have no limits in principle. You will also find a template here. But even without a template, the idea is made quickly: Draw a circle of any size with a circle, and a triangle on the same side with a ruler, the tips of which are at the circle edge. The sides of the triangle are the fold lines.

Embroidery-diy-string-patterns Envelope-craft-triangle-circle-flower-rectangle-square Gift-wrapping-gift-wrapping-idea-greeting card Letter-baskets-original-heart-hook-original-simple-self-making Letter-craft-bind-cord-rivet-tutorial-green-paper Letter-craft-classic-square-heart-adhesive-decoration-colorful-craft-paper

Letter-craft-heart-shape-romantic-friends-related-wrapping-gift Letter-craft-ideas-guide-shapes-diy-colorful-gift Letter-craft-leather-guide-rivet-original Letter-craft-rectangle-blue-pattern-diy-idea Letter-cutting-tinkering-cutting-sticking-simple-tinker with wire Letterhead - origami -video instruction manual

Letter-stamp-bas-tie-tie-office-gift-promotion Letter-to-paper-to-interesting-to-print-print Stamp-craft-fold-flower-print-cut-stripe