Errors in the decoration of terraces

The decor is not suitable for impatient people. It is normal that when we have a home stay undecorated between rapture and we go to the nearest furniture shop to see how we can improve this room. However, the rush counselors have always been bad and we risk not crash if we do well we decorate and what is the best way to do it.

Apartment balcony

As an example of what not to do in decoration we suggest one of the living spaces that less is often used: the terrace . The balcony can be designed as an extension of the home, but this should avoid some common mistakes.

Place furniture haphazardly
When you go to choose the furniture, keep in mind the function of these. A common mistake is not knowing what it is going to use the furniture in the balcony. Think that this space can be planted, you can put as reading room or tea after eating. In any case, you need furniture for that purpose.

Not give a unique style
Like the dining room or kitchen, the terrace should also have their own style, otherwise you run the risk of becoming an impersonal space. One suggestion is that you take notice of the decor of the rest of the house and follow the same style. If this idea appeals to you you can also give a distinguished and distinctive touch to the terrace. But give it a unique style.

Errors in the decoration of terrace

What about the details?
Generally the terraces are used as a garden. The plants confer this room a special touch. Do not forget the accessories. It’s fine the table and chairs you have chosen for the balcony, but without flowers or a centerpiece, your deck will remain very impersonal.

Also, do not forget the importance of lighting. On hot nights you will create the perfect atmosphere on the terrace with some scented candles.