Extends the life of your garden furniture

Wood, iron, fiber, resin … Almost all outdoor furniture are cleaned with soap and water, but you have to apply specific treatments that last longer and are perfect.


Saltwater for fibers
The advantage of bamboo furniture, rattan and other plant fibers is that they are light and strong, but tend to accumulate dust and twisted seams. To remove it, use a vacuum cleaner (a handheld, wireless, will be more comfortable) or a soft brush of long bristles. To clean the furniture using a sponge dipped in a solution of salt water and dried with a cloth lint. Finally, apply a coat of clear lacquer for those who are outside in the open: protect you from the sun, rain and changes in temperature .

Glue joints
The joints are the weak point of natural fiber furniture. Although often reinforced loosen with use and time. It’s time to review them: if they are loose, encólalas with glue for wood before they break. And, whenever possible, keep the furniture under cover.

Synthetic fibers with soap and water.
The synthetic fibers that mimic rattan, bamboo and wicker are durable and weather resistant. They are very easy to maintain because they are made ​​from plastics and resins are washed with soap and water. Resist including salt water and chlorine, the only precaution to be taken is to dry it with a cloth to prevent the water to evaporate leave marks. But with the passage of time also end up losing its natural shine and even on the market there are specific products that help to get it back, it’s best to try not to deteriorate with too much sun . So, at the end of the summer, covering the furniture or resguárdalos from weather.

Renovators with spray paint
When the fiber has lost color or is badly damaged, it is best to paint the furniture with an aerosol that penetrates better into the plot. Use a natural dye like walnut stain (if not varnished) a varnish of a shade darker than the fiber to cover the damage, or paint color. For a smooth finish, apply them to short bursts, and the distance indicated on the package.

Removes stains with vinegar
When synthetic fibers furniture are new, stains are easy to remove simply with soap, but when they are older, the surface deteriorates, the stains penetrate the fiber and is more difficult to remove. If you are dark, clean them with alcohol or white vinegar a little hot. If they persist, mix vinegar with baking soda and rub gently.

Protect them with oil twice a year
Twice a year, apply to wood furniture extra protection with teak oil, flaxseed oil or lasur. Choose the most suitable to your furniture -the others are colorless and darken the wood-and extend it by rubbing with a cotton swab. In addition to renewing furniture, will protect against fungi and insects. Do not apply oil to the sun, it can be sticky, work in a ventilated area and do not use the furniture in the next 48 hours.


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