Fabrics to decorate

Is not that in your house there are many types of fabrics and textiles? Tablecloths, upholstery, bedding, furniture, napkins, tables, carpets , curtains and more. In short, in every room there is a textile surface that attracts attention and match the rest. Because of this, our idea is to know more about them and give you some tips how to apply for interior tissues.

Using fabrics in decor
The fabrics have always marked fashion, use a visual appeal that continues to be present in each of the stations in each of the centuries, fashion, art movements. It’s amazing when we see it that way. They are as varied in composition, brands and designs that use can not perish in time.

The tones that best combine, coordination or combination of these either traditional oriental inspired, minimalist, etc. are some of the topics we’ll be playing at this time.

Combine decoration fabrics
Tissues suit any decor because of the versatility they have. The combinations are endless. If you want to decorate the house in a sober and elegant is very well seen the use of tissue brown , shades of chocolate, cream or other who prowl about the same saturation and color. If instead you want a more modern, minimalist design , the use of green tissues, oranges and all citrus shades decorative accents will look great. It’s just a matter of taste.

Different textures
The textiles decorate implies considering everything about color, tactile and visual textures. These are items that apply perfectly to this type of selection. The textures are what define the difference. We find then plain fabrics, fabrics with large reliefs, traditional fabrics based on flowers, lines, and with more diverse images.

Use them without fear
Decorate with tissue can be a form of innovation and are very strong now because they can apply any design trend. Do not close for combining. Rely instead on color and texture requirements, that’s the key.

Find the perfect combination
Use fabrics to decorate is just that, the perfect combination of colors and textures, but also its application in furniture and spaces. Remember that like any decorative object or design, not living alone and the rest of the elements always influence their visual appeal.

As I always tell you, you customize your space, make them yours, looking attractive decor solutions, to your taste, you reflect, so that fashion is imposed by you and your home decor you influence the way want.