Fabulous & modern Refrigerators

Lets see some refrigerators. Most households use the style freezer-on-top-and-bottom refrigerator-on, which has been the basic style since 1940. There are many styles like Traditional style – 1940 to the present. Freezer top / refrigerator bottom (although most previous models, some of the cheaper models later, and still some mini-fridges use the freezer, or what is known as the freezer in the fridge). A separate freezer compartment – not within the larger refrigerator compartment – became the industry standard during the early and mid 1960s. & Side-by-side style – introduced by Amana in 1949 but not popular until 1965-present; left side is freezer and the refrigerator is correct. Top-refrigerator/bottom-freezer and style – in the mid-1950s to the present. And French style doors – In the late 1990s to the present. Two French doors and bottom freezer refrigerator.