Fantastic modern decorative glass doors

Use glass for the different elements in a home such as tables, furniture or doors is a practice that is in vogue in today’s decors, and is  normal as the glass offers a more modern look maybe wood or aluminum, as well the glass also brings home a visual lightness that few manage to get and that materials on floors today is a big plus.


And without a doubt are the tables along with the doors that are suffering the this little transition in which the timber is replaced by the glass . It is increasingly common to find in decorating magazines and avant-garde houses glass doors .And no wonder that within a few years the wood doors inside a house will become obsolete as more and it seems that both aesthetic and practical advantages of glass door wooden outperform.
And you do not have to see the latest models and designs of glass doors to corroborate precisely this that I am saying. The have sliding doors normally open, screen printed glass, with vinyl, painted, translucent and so on.So following to the letter the ancient saying a picture is worth a thousand words, here I bring you some pictures of decorated glass doors . No no waste. Enjoy!






Fantastic modern decorative glass doors

Faux Stained Glass Window