Felt Ball Rug

Looking back on the latest trends in decorative furniture, accessories, etc.., I think there are certain parts which are decorative incredible power, like carpets made with felt balls.Most I’ve seen are multicolored, and perhaps that is precisely what makes them so attractive, but can also carry a range of single color. If you like and want one of these rugs for your home, are for sale in several shops decoration … but you can also make them yourself. I explain how.

Make it yourself
Make yourself a rug felt ball is not too complicated, but, yes, it requires a great deal of patience and work. The process is laborious and balls make felt balls. A few days ago I explained how to decorate the Christmas tree with acorns felt. In that post I had the procedure to make the balls.

If, after knowing this, you are still determined to carry out the project, Armaros patience and stand to make balls like crazy. Only when you have enough balls, you have to undertake the second stage of labor: unite to compose the carpet.

Wool, soap and water
You will need wool colors that you like, dishwashing soap, needle and heavy thread. To make the balls, you can check the post I told you about before, but basically it is wet wool fibers with soapy water and round shape with hands.

Once you may have all the balls (to size for the carpet), it’s time to join them together. The best way is to cross them with a needle and strong thread, and then arranging them go as desired (depending on whether the rug is round or square). Finally, and to prevent falls, you should do them back some non-slip material.