Feng shui 2013 color trends for interior decorating

We live in a world of colors, emitting vibrations depending on its hue. The body reacts to these vibrations and so the colors can influence our mood. Almismo time colors help us to express ourselves while we connect with the energies and heal us. Let us know what are the trends for 2013 feng shui colors in interior decorating.

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Colors for interior decoration under the laws of feng shui
Yellow for feng shui decorating dining
To decorate according to the laws of feng shui in 2013 the yellow colors are ideal as they convey a perfect power. We can use them to decorate the dining rooms, kitchens, game rooms and workspaces. Yellow is a color that conveys joy, longevity and optimism.

Mint and turquoise to decorate feng shui bedrooms and living rooms.
The green color is ideal for bathroom and bedrooms of children and teenagers. We can also paint the room in shades of green or blue as these convey harmony and peace and also soothe the spirit. The mint green and turquoise are trend in interior decorating in 2013.

We must remember that the blue colors should be avoided because they convey cold eaters. We can put little touches of blue colors as long as the combine with warm tones.

Fuchsia for the kitchen, the lobby and game room feng shui
The pink is a color that conveys warmth and rich. Due to its intesidad, should be avoided in rooms devoted to study or work, as offices and offices . Furthermore fuchsia color is perfect for large spaces, as it brings the feeling of being smaller.

How to decorate with colors according to feng shui
For feng shui colors are key. If we make feng shui decor during 2013 to know the trends of colors is very important. This year takes the mint, turquoise, fuchsia and yellow hues.

If you do not want to change the color of the walls, we can introduce colored textile items like quilts, blankets, tablecloths, carpets or covers for sofas. We may also use other decorative objects consistent with the feng shui colors in 2013. Like for example, candles , flowering plants or lamps.

The colors we heal through the energy they transmit. Depending on our mood we can use color, not only in the environment but even in our dress or the food we eat.

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