Feng shui colors for decorating small rooms

Feng shui can be applied to decorate your small rooms. Just keep in mind that when choosing colors to paint the walls of your small spaces, so that energy can flow freely. Find out how.

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If you face the challenge of decorating small rooms , consider the
principles of Feng Shui will help you properly choose the colors , both to paint the walls, and to include details on your small spaces.

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Ideally you employ light colors on the walls. ‘s ideal for painting the walls of a small room color is white , because it promotes the flow of energy.
Avoid placing many elements to decorate. Try to decorating small spaces as simple and stripped possible.

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The lighting takes center stage, should be very good and possibly light up. Moreover, you can place plants in the corners to absorb negative energies.
Additionally, the proper use of mirrors can help multiply the energy flow in your small rooms.


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