Feng Shui for Christmas decoration

Although coming from very different cultures, Christmas and Feng Shui can be seamlessly integrated and ancient traditions unite both our benefit. Let us see how to use the principles of Feng Shui decoration for Christmas .The main thing will calm ourselves, we know that Christmas and New Year dates are stressful for everyone. Once our body and soul are centered again, we can make a list by checking the points that we cover to decorate the home for Christmas , using the wisdom of Feng Shui. In the list to decorate the house in Feng Shui style Christmas we will walk through lña importance of clean, decorative elements and colors, and the contemplation of the five senses in the decoration.

Cleaning environment
As the Feng Shui all broken items that do not work, we bring back bad memories or no longer used should be cleaned house. We will clear and clean environments such as corridors and especially those who deal during the celebration, so that the energy flow.
Smart lighting and good quality air are the very basics of good indoor feng shui, and should always be the two main feng shui priorities for your home. And yes, I know you know what I am about to write next – these two priorities become especially important during winter months and the often stressful Christmas season. Your body reacts to everything around you, and you either get nourished or drained by surrounding energy. I strongly encourage you to become aware of the quality of light in your home and its influence on your health and well-being.

Decorative elements
This is the most important Christmas decoration Feng Shui. We will consider the colors, the energies they represent and their location in the environment. An interesting detail, which makes it easier the combination of both traditions is that the colors of Feng Shui for wealth, fortune are: gold, red, purple and green. They are the same colors we use for Christmas! Then we decorate the Christmas tree with beautiful golden balls and purple. We will be original and will be attracting positive energy we need.
A good tip is to place in the hall of the house , near the door by way of welcome, a tray of sandwiches for newcomers can be served. This is a great way to attract good fortune and be grateful to those who visit us.

Near the openings also will place the light, preferably, in this case, we will not use artificial lights, but colored candles , thus we contemplated the fire element that provides energy. We, use floating candles, not to cause a fire. We will also use natural flowers and if we have an item that is in motion, like a fountain.

The five senses must be present
Balance is critical to Feng Shui is the perfect Christmas. Four of the five senses are always referred to in traditional holiday decor :

The view in the decoration.
The ear with carols and pleasant family conversation.
The ease with tasty delicacies prepared for the occasion and feel, thanks to the different textures of the sandwiches, decorate elements that, the care put by choosing napkins, Christmas tablecloths and cutlery.

But the smell is relegated only to the aroma of food. Therefore, a good idea is to put one around the tree incense or perfume bamboo rods to generate a pleasant aroma and soothing.
Finally, to place the tree and the main table, follow the advice of the Feng Shui for home and thus, have a beautiful Christmas also attract the best energies for the year soon begins.