Feng Shui Ideas for Kitchen

One of the basic rules to improve the positive energy of your kitchen is to keep all the things you do not use. The energy is in constant flux therefore unnecessary objects will be blocking it.The two main elements in a kitchen are fire and water. Quill and the fridge represent the water element. The fire element is represented by the kitchen. It is important that these two elements are not together as they should happen, it will generate a power conflict. If they can avoid that are next to each other, you can do some things to promote the flow of positive energy. The first is to place a piece of glass between the two. The second is to place a small plant or rods of bamboo between them.

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There are many guidelines as to the kitchen and the stove. It is important that the kitchen is kept clean, both externally and internally. Be sure to use all the burners regularly. They have a wealth generating potential. The kitchen should be positioned such that it has a clear view of the front door. If this is not possible, place a mirror above the kitchen.
It is also very important to keep the kitchen as clean and clear as possible. The use of white promotes positive energy, harmonizing metal objects. Yellow is also a good color, to use tiles with a glossy finish will keep the energy in constant motion. Replacing all the bulbs burned they may have, as darkness promotes negative energy. .

Another good idea is to place fresh fruit in sight, for example, in a basket. This is a symbol of wealth and abundance. In turn, the plants and flowers that are placed in the kitchen also promote positive energy. However, it is recommended to keep both the garlic and the onion out of sight.

The flow of energy in the kitchen is of utmost importance. The food is basic to our health, and it is therefore essential to have a positive flow of energy in the place where it is stored and prepared. If you follow these simple steps can significantly improve energy and health.

Stoves and Sinks:
The location of the sink and the kitchen is very important. The stove must be placed away from the sink, if possible on different walls. If you can not be solved by placing some metal or wood in between, such as cooking pots, etc.. The stove should be located so that the gateway not be back to the person who is cooking. If you can not avoid, place a mirror on the wall of fire, this will allow you to see what happens behind and increase the success and family income.

The stove must be in good condition, clean and working properly. Although we tend to always use one or two burners, try to use everyone equally, so that family incomes are maximized. The gas stoves are better than electric, the latter destroy the energy from food.

The most appropriate direction for the kitchen is the west, placing the fire on the south wall. The optimal distribution is an island in the middle of the room. But this requires a lot of space and most modern buildings increasingly reduced meters for the kitchen. It should be well ventilated, bright, spacious and the best color is white, to attract good Chi. Also the warm colors mixed with brightly colored accents.
Furniture should be natural wood or imitations. Ten fruit and fresh flowers to increase the positive flow of Chi. Natural light is appropriate, with lights for the darker areas.





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