Feng Shui in the office – you can be even more effective!

The Chinese Feng Shui doctrine is generally to a lot of clues as you her apartment so set it, that produce a positive impact on our lives. There are different Feng Shui rules for each room in the House, based mainly on the furnishings, furniture positioning, as well as colors. Feng Shui in the study will increase your well-being and productivity and help you to be more successful. Although it very often is difficult and even impossible due to the specificity of the apartment, to follow all the rules you could choose at least some of those, that are suitable for your home.

away from the door in his office

In the study, for example, the desk is a piece of furniture of particular importance. They should so place the desk according to Feng Shui, itwith sitting your back to the door.Check our small notes and pictures on the subject of Feng Shui in the study below.

according to feng shui money tree set

clean up regulate arbeitszimmer by feng shui

design ideas

desk feng shui

desk in arbeitszimmer energetic color

Desk Properly position according to feng shui clean up

Feng shui arbeitszimmer green color is associated with development

feng shui back in the workroom on the wall

feng shui for study-wohndesign idea

Feng shui in the office desk without corners

feng shui place arbeitszimmer desk

feng shui red wall in the study room according to feng shui set

green plant open space

Home office aubergine light

open shelving feng shui in the set arbeitszimmer

place a green plant feng shui

regulate feng shui

regulate in order arbeitszimmer feng shui

regulate oval desk according to feng shui